1) Artisan Walk – a walk through the village passing through the potters street and Farmers Houses- Connecting to the High Street – trading Part of the village, reaching the central Square called Manak Chawk and coming Bagh Via the Ker Ghati Residential Street of the more affluent Villagers (comparatively) . about 1.9 km

2 ) Lake walk – more seasonal walk for Bird lovers- Particulary good in the mornings and evenings – walking past the Mosque along the Dam passing below the Gokal Fort(a climb to the Fort is also possible) on the right and Family Cenotaphs on the left coming back Via the Potters street. 3.4 km

3) Culinary WorkShop – are available on request every evening in our kitchen where vegetables are brought in from the Farm or the vegetable garden at home to produce a farm-fresh menu for the table.

4) Yoga Classes – available on prior booking.( mats are available, but request you to bring your own attire)

5) Rural Train Ride – Phulad to Khamblighat journey by a local train across the Aravalli range is a pleasant experience. The train traverses the hills in one gradual giant right turn switchback, all the while gaining gently in elevation. In the process of negotiating the sharpest part of the railroad track the train crosses a couple of viaducts. The ride then continues slowly uphill offering fine views of a vast valley, small deep gorges and distant ridges, before easing into the plateau of Khamblighat. The train stops only once in a vague station in the middle of sparsely wooded expanse of virgin landscape, where monkeys descend upon the windows expecting and getting their treat of biscuits, while handful of passengers get off and board.



6) Rural Ramble A drive with a family Member though Villages and Rough Country going past some farms and village huts, you may visit the cave temple largely depending on the season but each day a drive goes out ending on a lake side with Tea and Biscuits .

7) Trek to the Sand mata temple can be arranged on prior booking. One would leave at about dawn to reach the base of the hill and is a trek of about 8 km (to and fro) . a wooded trek and fairly strenuous climb ; an escort would be provided.

8) Bird Watching – a seasonal activity around the lake – and from the garden of the house – spotters scope and guidance is available with the family for spotting birds – must watch a fly- past of over thousand parakeet in the evening over the garden followed by flight of fruit bats over the lake .

9) Day trips to the famous Jain temples of Ranakpur with exquisitely carved pillars is possible on request or one can even take ones own car

10) Day trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort – A Majestic Fort set in the Aravalli forest is about an hour away from the Ranakpur temples it is possible to visit both if one leaves early in the morning. The Fort also offers a sound and light show showcasing the dramatic history of the valiant Mewar clan at sunset. Drive back to Deogarh is 11/2 hours

11) Day trip to Chittaurgarh Fort – a very large Fort which was once the capital of the state of Mewar , is inextricably linked to its history, and is at a distance of 3 hours from Deogarh. A full day trip .

1112) Sundowner Special – An evening excursion into the countryside
An evening jeep drive into the countryside lends an insight into the life of the people of the area . The drive is tailored to suit the interest of the guests; whether they are keen on the farming and agricultural side of the village, the temples and cultural aspects or the birds and natural scenic part of the area. We set out in an open hooded jeep equipped with a packed tea , snacks and a pair of binoculars . Just as you get out of the village of Deogarh one drives along the farms and we see crops in the fields and arrive at the Anjana temple , a Shiva shrine ensconed in a cave where bats hang from the roof of the cave. There is also a step well nearby where pilgrims would bathe before entering the shrine. As we drive on , through a shepherds village, we see the cattle returning from their day of grazing and we end up at a lakeside in time to watch the sun set and view the migratory birds which are our winter visitors.

2213) Rural Rail – Dev Shree offers a complimentary train ride – a magical experience to traverse down the Aravalli hill section in a small meter gauge train . The journey begins after breakfast when your guide will meet you at Dev Shree at 10:00 am and take you to the charming Kamblighat station . He will purchase the tickets and help you board the train which arrives at 10:30 am. It’s a local train and one is seated on wooden seats alongwith the locals who can be a wedding party, pilgrims, daily travelers, children and sometimes even their cattle !!! The train traverses through the Aravalli scrub jungle and through tunnels and over bridges ; stopping en route at Goram Ghat Station in the forest, where monkeys arrive in hoardes and the travelers usually carry bananas or biscuits to feed them . The journey continues and our guests disembark at Phulad station where your car is waiting to receive you and bring you back to Dev Shree in time for lunch .

Morning Timing
Breakfast – 9:00 a.m.
Leave Dev Shree – 9:45 a.m.
(Requets you to take your own car )
Train departs from Kamblighat railway station – 10:30 a.m. IST(Indian Stretchable Time)
Reach Phulad station – 12:15-12:30 p.m.( here the vehicle will receive you and bring you back up to Dev Shree in time for lunch).

Evening Timing
Leave Dev Shree after an early lunch – 1:45 p.m.
Drive to Phulad and reach by 2:30 p.m.
Train leaves Phulad station – 2:40 p.m.
Arrive at Kamblighat station _ 4:15 p.m.

We request you to use your transport to take you to the station and pick you up at Phulad and drive you back to Dev Shree.

3314) An Artisan Walk
The tinker, the tailor …..
A guided walk from Dev Shree to the main shopping street courses through the artisan alley where one jostles with cyclists, pedestrians and cows . One can expect to meet , greet and speak with the artisans while they are at work. The potters making pots for the villagers to carry water are often willing to let the guests have a go at the wheel. The flag maker is a picture of cultural unity as he busies himself on his machine making flags for all castes and communities— the green flags with the moon and star symbolic of the muslim faith, the red flag for the hindu goddess temple , the multi-coloured flag for the snake temple, the saffron flag for the Hanuman temple and many more. The alley then opens onto the high street where the barber is busy with his clients, the jeweller repairing and making ornaments, the lady who specializes in henna cones for decorating ones palms, and the antique shops are interesting to scour for old photographs, coins, jewellery pieces , textiles and more, Also the cloth shops with the colourful scarves and the spice shops draw a lot of interest.
Take care to avoid the day of the full moon and no-moon as that is the day-off, not Sunday.

4415) Chai Bucks
Tea at a local tea stall
Shatrunjai may often accompany the guests to a local tea stall and invite the villagers on a random basis for a cup of tea and a tete-a tete. The conversations range from interesting, to enlightening and sometimes outrageous !! It’s interesting to realize that the locals have as many queries about the lifestyle of the guests as do we about them. And yet there are commonalities too, of lifes challenges and joys, which weave a common thread across all countries and cultures.

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