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As the name suggests – Our home, Dev Shree luxury hotel in Deogarh, Rajasthan, is a divine blessing. Upon the guidance from our Guru, we came back to Deogarh to build this property . The concept, the inspiration, the effort, the funds and finally the residence have all been a blessing.

We opened the place for our guests this year and hope to share this gift with you.

Dev Shree luxury hotel in Deogarh, Rajasthan is situated on the edge of the Ragho Sagar lake with the Gokul Fort at the far end, perched on a hill.   The sun rises over the Fort streaming through palm trees on the swimming pool.  The large verandah overlooking the lawn  stretches out to the water infusing a sense of calm.  The lake plays host to a large variety of migratory birds in the winter- welcome visitors !!!

Dev Shree luxury hotel in Deogarh has been constructed in a traditional haveli style with deep verandahs, pretty courtyards of Rajput architecture and  influence.   The interiors are airy and spacious, and the décor has a contemporary twist.   In the words of one of the guests “gone is the musty, dusty feel so often associated with traditional rural properties”.

The central courtyard is lovely to soak in the warm sun or sit by the cauldron of fire on the cold winter evenings.  As the sun sets one hears the villagers returning to their homes with their cows and goats, a golden time of day referred to locally as “gaudhuli”.

All the bedrooms offer views of the gardens, some with sit-outs and others with bay windows (gokhras).

DEV SHREE Luxury Hotel in Deogarh

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